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Seed Packets - Misc

Seed Packets - Misc

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Mary Washington Asparagus: An early long straight variety with medium dark green spears and tight purpling tip. Plant takes 2-3 years to mature, but once established it comes back year after year. Cutting season can last up to 60 days. Excellent tender, thick,delicate and delicious flavor.
Charleston Wakefield Cabbage: Mid-season cabbage with a dark-green, compact, pointed heads with sweet tasting hearts. Store extremely well.
Plain Parsley: Flat-leaved variety used in salad dressings, poultry, soups and as an ingredient of pesto. Flavor is much more pronounced than that of the more familiar curled type.
Triple Curled Parsley: Moss curled has a milder flavor than the flat leaf type. Parsley makes an attractive garnish. Eat as a natural breath freshener. Multiple cuttings per season are possible from one planting. It is a very nutritious herb (vitamins A, B, C), and does a great job of blending food flavors.
Lutz Beets: Older variety half long, deep purple roots with tops up to 30in long. Will retain sweetness and remains tender through the growing season, has a long harvest time and is excellent for winter storage. Days to Maturity - 80 Days