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Organic Seed Packets

Organic Seed Packets

Product Details

Roma Tomato: Compact plant that produces thick-walled, meaty, egg-shaped tomatoes with very few seeds with flesh tht is thick, dry and not juicy.
Pumpkin Sugar Pie: Extremely high yielding variety with a round shape, flat ends and distinct ribbing on the outside. The sweet fine-textured, flesh is thick, deep yellow with a deliciously sugar flavor. Easy to handle with the petite size and is well known for making the best rich pumpkin pies.
Marketmore Cucumber: A very productive solid performing variety that holds up very well in humid and hot conditions. The slender fruit is uniform in shape with smooth glossy skin is slightly taped at each end and tend to be sweet and mild in flavor. Ideal for slicing and if harvested young and small they make good pickles.
Jalapeno Pepper: Very heavy yielding, continuously producing type, in the middle of the pack for heat among all the Jalapeno varieties. The rounded, thick-walled, pungent fruits are ready to pick when dark green and are both sweet and hot.
California Wonder Pepper: Heavy yielding, vigorous plants produce the typical thick-walled and blocky fruit with a crisp, mild flavor and terrific sweetness. This popular variety has a long growing season and is very versatile with a multitude of uses.
Straight 8 Cucumber: Early, vigorous slicing variety that is a very productive yielder and named for its perfectly straight, 8in long fruit. The fruit has smooth skin with a cylindrical shape and rounded blunt ends. It has a small seed cavity and crisp, fine-grained flesh that is known for its high quality and excellent flavor.
Coriander: Use pungent leaves (cilantro) in Asian and Mexican dishes. Seeds (coriander) used to make curry powder. We searched the world to find the best organic seed