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Heirloom Seed Packets

Heirloom Seed Packets

Product Details

Pumpkin (Connecticut Field): This huge variety is frequently a prize winner at county fairs. Carefully grown, fruits can exceed 200 lbs. Fruits are evenly ribbed, medium orange, and slightly rough. Fine textured orange flesh is outstanding for pies, cooking, or freezing. Perfect for jack-o-lanterns.
California Wonder Pepper: This sweet pepper variety grows green, turning red at full maturity as the flavor sweetens. Transplant seedlings started indoors to a sunny well-drained location. Great in containers and sunny flower beds. Keep soil moist, and to avoid injuring plants, carefully cut or snap off fruits with a short piece of stalk.
Rutgers Tomato: This variety grows well in containers and requires little space or effort to produce a big crop of tomatoes great for eating fresh as well as canning and juicing.
Cherry Bell Tomato: Crisp and peppery, these radishes will add great flavor and crunch to your favorite garden salad. 22 days to maturity; plant early, as soon as the soil can be worked.
Purple Top Turnip: Globe shaped with bright purple crown, white root below. Dark green, cut leaves. Attractive, smooth roots and prolific greens. A home garden standard variety. Keeps well. 50 days; mid maturity
Roma Tomato: Compact plant produces thick-walled, meaty, eggshaped tomatoes with very few seeds and flesh that is thick, dry and not juicy.
Long Island Dill: Easy to grow and attractive annual with aromatic seeds. Young branches are used to flavor salads, pickles, vinegar, sauces, soups, stews, and many other dishes. Grows 3-4' tall.